Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Katrina Fun

September 09 10:09 PM

Well finally the government is making some kind of a change. The are finally getting rid of FEMA Director Michael Brown. This might be the first good decision I have seen so far, even if Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff made it. I heard Chertoff at the press conference today say that "he thought he spoke in clear enough English the first time" when asked a question about his reassigning Brown. Well, Chertoff, we demand answers and even if we ask the same question 500 times you better answer it with a smile on your face. If you had been doing your job in the first place we wouldnt need to be asking you these questions.
Now I see FEMA is pulling out of it's $2000 credit card to the victims, but not after handing some out already. Now if you want expedited aid from FEMA you need to fill out a form on FEMA's website. Wow that's handy, because I know when I am displaced by large natural disaesters I always take my computer and displace myself to somewhere that has internet access.

And a testament to how dumb Brown was, this is what he said about these cards when he debuted the idea on Wednesday: "a great way to ... empower these hurricane survivors to really start rebuilding their lives."

Your house, car, workplace and everything you have ever owned except for what you are wearing are totally destroyed and possibly you have lost loved ones, but here is $2000 to set you on the road to financial freedom. Reminds me of the Bush "tax relief" $300 bullshit checks from a couple of years ago.
But then again with people like Barbara Bush at the top of this country and saying things like the following:
I guess they figure $2000 is like winning the poor-ass lottery.
So to the whole Bush family - go fuck yourselves. Thank you and goodnight.

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