Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just some stupid random thoughts

November 22 10:34 PM

Download Google Earth and check out Iowa the next time you think we havent began messing up this planet. There doesnt seem to be more than 3 square feet of that state that hasnt been altered by man.

Why cant I find more pairs of button-fly jeans? Man I love those things.

People that leap from fad to fad in an effort to define themselves because they fear they have no real sense of self are annoying. Oh god, what if their genre flitting is infact the definition of who they are and not a definition of who they arent! Ouch my brain.

If my name was Brian I would market a bran diet supplement and I would claim it would boost your intelligence. I would call it Brian's Brain Bran. And then I would hope it would get banned to see the headline - "Brian's Brain Bran Banned"

I agree with Lewis Black, if New Zealand wants people to come and visit them so bad, then they need to figure out how to get their island closer to us.

"Dont cry for me Paraguay!" just doesnt have the same ring.

I really like The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and I dig that it's a parody of shows like The O'Rielly Factor, but man I have a hard time watching it. Is his voice really loud all the time or is it just me?

Anne Coulter is a dumb bitch. There I said it and I feel better.

Why arent there more Ninja excersize videos? Ones that are based on Ninjitsu to help the average person lose weight and also ones targeted to help Ninja's stay in shape.
If you are a "anything-on-the-go", shoot yourself.

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