Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jeep Update

October 16 2:53 PM

Working on the Jeep is going well. I finally got my fuel sending unit to get a good connection and now my gas guage is working perfect now.

Got a lot more patching done on some holes coming thru inside and only have two more spots to patch and that should be all done. Not sure about the one spot though. It's part of the fender-well and I am afraid while reversing on the trail I will kick up something and stab thru that weak section. I was thinking about getting some stronger steel plate and tack weld it underneath to help deflect debris but that will have to wait. I will just becareful going crazy backwards.

I didnt post this last week, but I took my friend Jason out on the trail finally and it was the shit. We did a small hill climb that I thought the Jeep wouldnt do since it's got a carb and not fuel injected but she climbed it awesome the second attempt (the first one was too slow). And the heater is working great and all that, so other than tweaking the windshield wipers a bit and finishing sealing up the holes I think the old girl is ready for winter.

I am going to run a load out to the farm for my neighbor tonight and have a nice big bonfire, so that will be fun.

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