Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ice Storm 2005

Originally posted on: January 10 2:51 PM

Well I am back online and power has been restored to my house and my place of work after the (add echo effect)ICE STORM of 2005(end echo effect).

I wont bore you with all the details, just that in my area we received one inch of ice that covered EVERYTHING. 250,000 of us lost power. Less than 9,000 people in the county I live in still had power, the other 35,000+ of us were left in the dark for up to about 3 days. There are still portions that are without power.

As time went on rumors started to grow of the water supply being drained and no new water able to come in. Gasoline stations that still had power were emptied of their gas and kerosene. Fights broke in lines for kerosene - some gas stations would actually not allow you to pump your own to keep people from hording it and to keep people from fighting over it. Some merchants in the area jacked prices on their heaters and generators to extreme levels (sometimes by 10x as much as the MSRP).

No one could sleep very well - as it's hard to get any sort of restful sleep in a room that's 20 degrees regardless of how many blankets you have on. I took a shower in my bathroom that was in the mid-thirties and generated so much fog (not steam but fog) that I could no longer make out landmarks like my sink and toilet.

It's easy to think about how much of your life relies on electricity, such as television and phones, etc. But you fail to think about how it runs your heat and just how dark a town can actually get with zero lights.

At any rate, I have posted some pictures under "Ice Storm 2005". Several shots of downed limbs (which every street looked like this), the thickness of ice on the trees, and then the flooding as the ice (and following snowfall) began to slowly melt before refreezing. The good news is that a lot of nice folks chipped in to help each other out and that is always amazing to witness first-hand and I havent heard that anyone died from it yet. So no where near the level of the Tsunami, but pretty bad none-the-less.

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