Saturday, February 25, 2006

How much snow?

Originally posted on: December 23 11:42 AM

Well we ended up getting between a foot to a foot and a half of snow where I live. My car was totally buried to the point that I couldnt see it. Took me an hour to dig it out and get it out of the huge plow drift. Hopefully the plow truck will be able to get up and down my street today while I am at work so I have a place to park when I go home.

Roads are drifting shut and only a small amount of people were able to show up for work today. I am thankful to everyone who braved this weather to get here and appreciate their willingness to stay and help out if no one else shows up. Being part of a team is cool.

The town that I work in has the most retarded snow removal procedures and it seems like each year they try to top their idiocy of the previous year. Well this year they have REALLY out done themselves. The pictures below are at the corners of the building that I work in. Yes the snow is piled up that high at an intersection of our street and the main street thru town. There are about 6 other such piles at various other intersections basically making it a giant maze of snowy roads to navigate anywhere here in town.

And still with all that snow piled up, the roads are still covered with snow. They seem to just stop whenever they want and never get around to actually clearing even one road. Then again I shouldnt complain as it fills in the multitude of potholes around this place.

*Added a few more shots of the snow on our street. More to follow.

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