Saturday, February 25, 2006


October 29 12:11 PM

Yay for Halloween! Although I didnt get to see any good Halloween type shows I was able to catch a rerun of an old Simpson's Halloween special so that was cool. Going to a Halloween party tonight, which I have to go help decorate for in a little bit. Everyone had lots of fun last year at it, so this year should be good too. WOOT.

And then tonight Mars dips super close to the Earth, so I am going to try to pack up my equipment and go out to my Grandpa's farm and take a closer look at it. But then again it's supposed to be like 35 tonight so I might freeze my butt off doing it.

I did some patchwork on an old pair of shoes yesterday and cut my thumb right on the end which is now slowing down my patch work on the Jeep. Every time I grasp something to tight with my thumb I bust it open and bleed all over everything. I got tired of that, so I super glued it shut last night and it appears to be holding.

Watched the new Ammityville Horror movie last night. It was good and scarey at first and had some good surprise moments but it just slowly spiraled into stupidity as it went on - I was so glad when it was finally over. Please dont make a sequel.

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