Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good to be back

Well MSN Spaces was fun while it lasted but it really started to go downhill and to tell the truth, I like Blogger better.

So all new content on my blog will be posted here from now on. So update your bookmarks.

All the old content from my MSN Space was copied over here this morning. I am unable to re-date the postings so they will all show up in my February 2006 archive here, but I have posted the original date on top of each post. I think I still need to go in and add the Year to them though. I cant believe how much crap I actually post on my blog.

I normally think I dont keep up with that much, and while I could clearly post more, I still post a buttload.

And now enjoy the ability to comment on my posts freely without an Microsoft Passport account. Please use your name on the comments you post though so I know where they come from. Anonymous comments = teh suck.

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