Saturday, February 25, 2006

Go sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here

September 12 11:07 PM

Not much going on here the last couple of days. Getting ready for the moon to get fuller to use my telescope, so that will be cool.

Working on patching some holes in the Jeep's bed to prep it for the wet months and to keep the splash from mudding out of the body - hehe. Then I have to put a new fuel sending unit on as the one that's there now is severly corroded and I cant get a good reading for my fuel guage off of it. I am really really glad I bought my Jeep. I know if anything happens, I will always own it and I can drive it thru a brick wall or overtop of a house if need be.

Here's a link to the blog posting I was telling my friend Scott about on Saturday. This sums up VERY well how I feel about Bush on a personal level during this whole Katrina fiasco and the misery in the South. This is definately a MUST read.

And finally goodnight and good luck to my very good friend Dorie. Tonight is her last night to spend in the states. Good luck and stay safe serving in OIF6 in Iraq. Go 16th!!!

BTW, OIF6 stands for "Operation Iraqi Freedom 6". Yes they are officially up to number 6 of this conflict. The pentagon realized they can just change the name (or number at the end) of the situation and it changes all soldiers commitment terms to the conflict. This is how they can keep people over there for so long or send them back right away because each name change is technically a "new" conflict for them to serve in.

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