Saturday, February 25, 2006

Get Max or ... oh I dont care

September 13 10:50 PM

Couple things to get blogged out of my system.

I hate George Bush, but what I am hearing this Roberts guy say, I might actually support the President's choice in him. Then again this is the same President who appointed Brown to FEMA and then followed that up with the duct-tape-safety guy to Brown's spot now that Brown has ran for the hills - so I guess the jury is still out on Roberts and his position is infinitely harder to remove him from if he's a total screw-up.

I am search result number 4 if you use MSN Search and look for "how to fix a nose bleed". Although I feel a bit guilty about not providing any good information on how to actually fix a nose bleed and still making this rank. So if you are here right now attempting to secure and stifle a stream of blood from your nose ... go look somewhere else.

God check out and play with Microsoft's MAX Beta demo. I am trying it now, so this isnt an editorial on how cool it is, but why do I always have to be the first one to try new things? You need to take one for the team on this one.

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