Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fitzmas Eve

October 27 9:48 PM

Ah it's Fitzmas Eve - what a special time. So named for Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald who is investigating the White House over a leak of a classified CIA agents name to punish her husband for not supporting them as they tried to build a case to go to war with Iraq - and tomorrow the grand jury is set to expire. So what does this mean? It means indictments are going to be handed down tomorrow of the persons believe to have committed crimes so they can be tried and convicted. On the hot seat right now is I. "Scooter" Libby and Karl Rove, heck it might go all the way to Cheney.

Such a wonderful time to watch these business-suited criminals finally get caught and held accountable. I just wish they all could have neat little mug shots like republican Tom Delay had. Apparently he thinks the whole thing is a game and it's fun for him to represent the United States and have a warrant out for your arrest.

And poor little Harriet Miers gave up. Well to speak more clearly she was asked to give up to save Bush from publicly dropping her which would have made him look even weaker. But then again with an approval rating of 37%, I dont know how much weaker he could look.

Merry Fitzmas Eve all you republicans, tomorrows going to begin a very different time.

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