Saturday, February 25, 2006

Everyone's Own Little World

September 04 10:39 PM

Just thinking about how everyone lives in their own little world and how people use it for various reasons.

Some people retreat to safety in their own little world, some go for quiet reflection or to gain strength. Some go to define their own truth, some go to reaffirm what they believe.

Sometimes I wonder what someone's little world is like. Sometimes you get hints and clues by things people choose to talk about or dont talk about, or the lies that they tell, or how they hurt or love you.

Some people are better left in their own little world and shouldnt sully or pollute another person's little world.

You think when things like Hurricane Katrina happen, that the President is happy in his little world?

Where was your speech from atop the rubble pile Mr. Bush? Where was your flag drapped body and bullhorn? Where were your worlds of hope and security? Where is all your money? Better yet - where is all New Orleans money? Where are your soldiers to help - better yet, where are OUR soldiers to help? You seem to think you can lead this nation into battle - why cant you lead us now? You cant bomb a hurricane, you cant have the supreme court ban them, you cant pray them away. Your job just got a whole lot tougher, I'm sorry you had to leave your vacation early, but at least you were rested enough to travel to San Diego.

I believe in karma, it doesnt matter if you do or not.

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