Saturday, February 25, 2006

Christmas Eve Day at Work

Originally posted on: December 24 11:09 AM

Where I work we are open 9am to 5pm Christmas Eve Day and New Years Eve Day and closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

I always chose to work Christmas Eve Day - my family does Christmas Eve after 5pm, so there is no reason I cant work. Also I dont have any kids, so I would rather work so someone with kids can spend the day with them.

We have all the lights in the office off and the cubes are decorated with christmas tree lights. We have more people than we need today so everyone gets a nice relaxed day of work.

The biggest problem so far today has been one genius who upgraded his Windows ME to Windows XP (well that's not so bad as XP is superior) but then he installed Netscape 7.1 and the email portion of it wont work. Gee shocker - a Netscape product not working. We setup Outlook Express to test and sure enough that worked just fine - but this tool doesnt want to use it. Honestly I cant understand how ANYONE would want to use a Netscape product for anything. Their last (and only) good product was Netscape Navigator 3 Gold and that was like 100 years ago.

Below is a picture of all of us who were able to make it into work yesterday (braving the 1.5 feet of snow). We are standing on top of one of the smaller now piles. And remember this is TOTALLY consuming the road. God the snow removal people here are STUPID - it's still here today.

Left to Right: Brendan, Me, Chandi, Paula, Tom (in the back green hat), Scott K, Dorie, Link, Damon and Justin.

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