Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bush talks about the War

November 14 8:07 PM

"Reasonable people can disagree about the conduct of the war, but it is irresponsible for Democrats to now claim that we misled them and the American people," Bush said in his prepared remarks.

"Only one person manipulated evidence and misled the world - and that person was Saddam Hussein," Bush added.

I hate it when Bush speaks for me, because he doesnt. I am not a member of his America and I am sure his America wouldnt want me anyway. I was and still am a member of normal America. Not the one's who are Democrats or the ones or are anything else but everything else and we dont like being lied to. And no matter how he spins the fact that he was going on the best intelligence he had - WE WERE MISLED!

Whether or not he knew the intel was bad (which I believe he did) is beside the point - WE WERE MISLED. And making comments like this only serve to cover up the fact and to assuage his own guilty conscience for his horrible actions.

Misled or not, wrong intelligence or not, bad call, misguided feeling, ill-conceived plan, fleeting notion - none of it matters - he made the decision to take us to war - HE did that. Congress (Democrats and Republicans both) backed his power and right to do so, but HE took us there. He made the choice, he is the top of the responsibility chain, but apparently he cant see that.

Saddam said he didnt have any WMD's and no ties to Al Qaeda - so as a point of fact he didnt mislead anyone about those things (remember the books and books and CD's he submitted about all of this to the UN?). And if those things dont matter because Saddam was a bad man, then maybe you should be asking this guy more questions than what you are.

And if you think that I am wrong about my conclusions, if you think that I am misguided and making connections and assumptions about all of these things then look at one thing:

The Bush administration said they went to war based on bad intelligence and now they cant pull out and should not be held accountable because all the intelligence seemed to agree that Saddam was dangerous and had links to 9/11.

Then why is the intelligence on EVERYTHING (North Korea, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan, India, China) so trustworthy and accurate but the Iraqi stuff and ONLY the Iraqi stuff was wrong. Come on - they wanted this war, they made up facts, they massaged facts, they silenced disenters and pushed and pushed to get it and now they just want us all to shut up and let them war on with out question or rebuke?! The arrogance of these people.

Still feel like the old America to you?

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