Saturday, February 25, 2006

Around the bend

October 02 1:00 PM

Has it been a whole week without a post? Guess so. I've been real busy at work lately and finding plenty of stuff to keep me busy after work as well.

Work on the Jeep has slowed to a crawl. Working with a lot of annoying holes in the body. They are small, but still a problem - so I am trying to get all of them sealed up. I was going to leave the bed bare metal, but now that I think about it - I think I will cut a big piece of wood underlayment to help protect it and muffle the noise a bit.

I think next weekend I might take another trip down to the mountains and check on my aunt and take her some supplies. I would love to take the Jeep down there, but I need to fix my fuel sending unit first so my gas guage works and what with gas being so expensive it would really suck. Oh well. I want to see the ocean again, I wonder what's the shortest route to the coast - maybe I will go do that.

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