Saturday, February 25, 2006

After 10 years...

October 10 11:20 AM

Well my second project met it's next goal over this weekend. This project is getting my Dad's old motorcycle running and drivable again. It's a 1982 Honda Silverwing GL500 Interstate. It really is a beautiful bike and very nice to ride.

It has sat in storage in the garage for over 10 years and hasnt been started that whole time. I replaced the battery, spark plugs, oil and filter and put some gas in it and it started right up. I just had to turn up the idle speed on it a bit and it runs just great!

I need to rebuild the front brake master cylinders (plural because it has dual disks in the front). They dont seem to be taking brake fluid yet and as such the front brakes arent working yet. The back one is working fine. Other than cleaning and some little touch-up maintenance items, like new mirrors and one brake light bulb and a new headlight.

I am going Tuesday to get my temporary permit to ride it and this week finish getting it into my name and tags on it so I can start practicing to ride.

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