Saturday, February 25, 2006

ADULT content

July 16 10:41 AM

If you havent heard already someone has posted a hack that allows you to unlock the ability to have sex in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now granted this is on the level of what you would see on Cinemax, it still rates up there with titles that get an ADULT ONLY rating. However GTA:SA is rated M+ (Mature). Also this content is NOT an addition by the modder to the game, Rock Star actually made this content - this "hack" simply unlocks your access to it.
Now Hillary Clinton wants to start a federal investigation into this and other such hidden content and EVERYONE is outraged that this kind of thing could get into the hands of the children. Oh god the poor children. They might stop randomly killing prostitutes or old ladies and actually see some sex in this game. Oh god no, watching this might interupt their hours of blasting shop clerks in the face with shotguns or enjoying the effects of illegal drug use. PLEASE SAY IT AINT SO!

Now for all of you that are sarcastically impaired and couldnt tell I was joking just then - I was. What is everyone's beef with this? Sex is an act that many adults engage in on almost a daily basis and as such is very much part of a human's life, whereas - oh I dont know - spraying someone in the face with spray paint to blind them so you can savagely beat them with a shovel in front of the general public after jerking them out of their car is not.

And this game is rated MATURE anyway. What, do you want to make it so adults have to be carbon dated to prove they are old enough to buy this stuff so a child cant get it? But what if I am playing it with my window open and a child walks past and happens to see a tenth of a second of it? Give it a rest. I didnt tell you to go have kids and I am not the world's babysitter. Watch your own damn kids and quit buying them these games that are CLEARLY made for adults - because I guarantee that 99% fo the people offended that their child played this bought their child the damn game in the first place.

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