Saturday, February 25, 2006

$0.99 off only if you know the code word

June 23 12:06 AM

So I've learned two things today - well I should say I was once again reminded of these lessons, because I have learned them plenty of times before.

1) People will screw you if you let them

I order a 20 piece chicken mcnugget from McDonalds and it's $4.99. I look at the dollar menu sign and they have a 5pc chicken mcnugget for $1. Um, WTF?

I point out this little math error to the "manager" (the title doesnt make you one), our conversation went like this:

ME: Why was I charged 99 cents more for the same amount of mcnuggets?

"Manager": It's just for the special we are running.

ME: The special where we get charged more for buying the same food?

"Manager": No I mean that they are on the dollar menu ...

ME: (Now thinking that's the special) Oh ...

"Manager": Well I mean they are always on that menu.

ME: So explain to me again why I am paying a dollar more because I said the words "20 piece".

"Manager": Next time you should order four 5 pieces instead to get that price.

And then she just stood there and looked at me. Granted it was just a dollar, but um ... HELLO!?!

2) People will always rewrite their own history to suit their current situation or outlook.

Not going to go into #2, just saying it and moving along.

Night everyone - and just remember the grass might always be greener on the other side or they just might be using better manure to grow it.

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